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To understand all about CREIA

CREIA is an Evangelistic Ministry of the Liberdade Baptist Church (Igreja Batista da Liberdade) in São Paulo, Brazil. The name CREIA in Portuguese is derived from the first initials of the title Cruzada Evangelistica de Impacto e Ação  - Impact and Action Evangelistic Crusade. The word creia also means “believe!” The ministry seeks to help the growth of local churches in other cities in the state of São Paulo through citywide evangelistic campaigns preceded by door-to-door visitation.

The Liberdade church members are challenged to follow Christ’s command to “Go …and preach the gospel to every creature…” Thus Christians from all walks of life are encouraged to travel to other cities and be a missionary for one day.

On a chosen Saturday, (a non working day) bus-loads of previously trained believers leave the church in the early morning and travel to the pre-selected town or city where local believers await to join them in house-to-house visitation. They all take with them gospel tracts and an invitation to the crusade meeting to take place that evening at a local stadium. Interpreters for the deaf are also on hand and always busy. Teams of singers and band players go to different neighborhoods in those cities, on the back of open trucks, taking the gospel in song and music. Open-air meetings are held in plazas and parks and listeners contacted individually.

Choirs and orchestras and music groups take part in the evening meeting where a clear gospel message is given by Pastor Eli Fernandes de Oliveira. Trained counselors are on hand to assist those that come forward, and in the weeks that follow the campaign, teams also go out to help in the discipleship and training of believers.  The CREIA slogan is: “Give one day of your life to help everyday of the life of someone who needs Jesus.”


The CREIA Evangelistic Ministry was born when the Lord touched the heart of a couple, Arnaldo and Lea Cersóssimo, who when visiting the town of Santa Rosa de Viterbo, some 150 miles from São Paulo, attended a small Baptist Congregation. The Holy Spirit laid on their hearts a burden for the people of Santa Rosa. They challenged a few members of the church in São Paulo to go out and help that small congregation. The male choir and a few other members took up the challenge, hired two buses and spent an entire day evangelizing the small town.  Other towns heard about it and soon the Liberdade church was attending the “Macedonian call” from many other churches in surrounding towns.  In April of 2006, CREIA held its 16th Crusade, going back to Santa Rosa de Viterbro at the invitation of the churches that were so blessed in the previous campaign. This time there were over 500 decisions, including conversions and those returning to the Lord. There was also a great stirring of the Spirit in the churches themselves, for greater commitment to the Lord with Pastors and church leaders testifying to a greater unity among the churches of different denominations. In other towns, Mayors and City-Hall officials testify to the fact that their towns have not been the same after a CREIA Campaign. To God be the Glory!


We believe that “All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.” But “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

We believe in the great commission, and therefore in evangelization as the mission of the Church and thus we offer ourselves to evangelize São Paulo and Brazil in our generation.


“Preach the gospel to every creature” through house-to-house visitation and Evangelistic Crusades and make personal evangelism our natural and permanent lifestyle.


Take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire State of São Paulo, and as we grow, encourage other Christians, and train local churches to join us, to reach the whole of the country, with each church doing its part to cover its own geographical area thus reaching their own  “…Jerusalem. Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth.”


CREIA is maintained through the free-will offerings of God’s people, many of whom have contributed towards the rental of stadiums, hiring of sound equipment and vehicles the purchasing of gospel literature and advertising. The participants also pay their own expenses in each campaign.  If you would like to be a part of this gospel outreach join us at our next campaign. If you cannot come personally but would like to contribute financially so that other local “one-day missionaries” can go out and reach the lost in Brazil, access our site and become a part of this ministry. Your prayers are our greatest resource.

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